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How a Heart Attack Changed Jonathan Frostick’s Life and Turned His Attention Towards Wellbeing in the Workplace

Prior to April 2021, Jonathan Frostick’s life was a normal one -which, in hindsight, might be a somewhat alarming statement-, in the sense that he put up with enormous amounts of work-related stress every day, and told no one about it. The term “normal,” here, is key as, according to… Read more >

How Leanmote can help you tick the box on United Nations’ Goal 3

An employee-first platform powered by a human-centred design  At Leanmote, we believe all efforts towards increasing well-being at work should start at the employee level: a team won’t be at its best until all its members are. After all, employees who are self-aware can leverage their strengths, work on their… Read more >

How to build a coaching culture at work

What is coaching culture? A coaching culture is the combination of behaviours, customs, symbols, language, values, and beliefs used by a company to help develop, train, and motivate employees. It can be easily understood as a growth plan where coaching plays a central role.  First, managers are coached to be… Read more >

The long-term impact of appreciation and recognition at work

Great job! Happy first year at the company! Keep it up! As an employer, how often do you say these words? As an employee, when was the last time you received recognition for your hard work? Employee appreciation and recognition play a vital role in motivating your team, but how… Read more >

Wellness vs. Well-being: how are they different and how can they boost employees’ performance?

The evolution from wellness to well-being Both wellness and well-being have been gaining momentum over the past years, especially as companies focus on creating great places to work for their employees.  However, while these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to different aspects of health. In fact, when it… Read more >