Make action plans aligning business, team, and individual goals

Transform the way your people work.

Leanmote maximizes engineering team efficiency with frictionless data access and real-time people insights, fostering responsible and successful team management.

Give CTOs and leaders the right tools to make their teams thrive and increase business outcomes.

Team Diagnostics

Team diagnostics directly impacts delivery management by identifying reasons for failing to meet objectives.

Balanced Metrics: Harmonize project metrics, team performance, DORA metrics, connectivity, time management, meetings, and a nuanced understanding of team dynamics. 

Proactive Identification: Early detection of potential issues on team operational efficiency or project delivery ensures a swift and informed response.

Effective Intervention: Timely action prevents the escalation of challenges, fostering team resilience.

Cultivating Productivity: Addressing challenges at their roots cultivates a healthier, more productive team culture.


A framework for achieving operational excellence by taking data into action.

While TechOps meetings handle technology platforms and tools, LeanOps focuses on enhancing team efficiency through diagnostics and optimized delivery.

Create action plans aligning business, team, and individual goals, transforming your team’s operations.

Delivery Management

This feature bridges visualising trends (Team Diagnostics) and crafting action plans (LeanOps).

It involves measuring milestones such as deliverables, time, costs (including people costs), resource management, status, and risks.

These metrics provide quantifiable insights and the opportunity to analyse flow efficiency. If a milestone isn’t met, delivery management highlights this, prompting a deeper dive into team diagnostics to uncover the underlying reasons.