Work smarter, not harder.

Increase your efficiency by spotting your strengths and areas of improvement

Discover the benefits of having your information in your hands.

Understanding time management

Understanding how you spend your time can help you make better use of it by allocating more time to high-priority tasks, and less time to low-priority activities.

Maybe it's time for a break?

Taking a moment to reflect each day can help you see trends over time.

Also, if you integrate Leanmote with Github, Gitlab, Slack or Bitbucket, we can passively collect valuable information to identify your trends in an accurate way.

Leanmote encourages the “Fair Exchange of Value”: we explain how your data will be used and show the benefit, so you are willing to contribute data to improve the quality of analyses. It’s a win-win for all.

It’s a win-win for all.

Enhancing teamwork

Outstanding talents

What makes you unique?

Looking for complementary strengths within the group and choosing roles that everyone would enjoy.
Let’s make this work!

Working together

Are you and your team on the same page?

This can help you to be more emphatic with your peers.
Building a better workplace here!


Understand your workflow through clear analytics, in cool graphics that are easy to read.

Take control and optimize their daily work routine, using Leanmote as a self-regulation tool.

Use your data to see:

  • Productivity Analytics
  • Team Connectivity
  • Calendar Analytics

We give you the power of data, now use it well 😉

We give you the power of data, now use it well


You control your privacy in Leanmote’s secure environment

Feeling secure about the information you are sharing with your employer is crucial

At Leanmote we build a relationship of trust between the company members with transparency by making it clear where information is coming from and how it is being used.

We are really careful while collecting, analyzing, and using data about people. We take ethical data use seriously.

See more about our data ethics & privacy

Owning your data.

At Leanmote, the data it’s all yours! Customize your settings at the platform so you choose what to show.


All data is secured with the highest levels of protection. We provide multiple-factor authentication.

See more about our security


Who will take care of you better than you?
Start making data-based decisions to increase your wellbeing.