We connect objective data such as working patterns & HR data with subjective self data, gathered from questions asked within the platform to build a deep understanding of individual and organisational wellbeing.

By processing this data through our psychosocial model, we are able to look at their Pressures, Emotions, Behaviours and Boosts and highlight why issues may arise with poor mental wellbeing.

For the individual, these insights help them gain a deeper understanding as to what could be causing them to have issues with their mental wellbeing. This could relate to their workload, working patterns or other environmental factors. The individual can then use this information alongside the Leanmote content library to further educate themselves and create a plan of action to improve their wellbeing. Having data also enables employees to open the conversation with a trusted advisor to seek help where and when required.

For the organisation, we take a more continuous approach to understanding how their employees are feeling over time, how their work is affecting them, identifying hot spots which need investigating and action is taken – this is always at a macro level to protect privacy. Also, by understanding what’s going on in different areas of the business you can quickly identify how to develop better working practices and provide proactive support.

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