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Thrive in Hybrid, Agile working environments. Real-time wellbeing and performance data, and evidence-based tools to build resilience and adaptability.

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Why leaders choose Leanmote

Performance & wellbeing enhancement

We support employees to help them reach a ‘zone of optimal performance’ (eustress vs distress) by leveraging systemic wellbeing data collected through the platform and associated devices.

Real-time, actionable data

Equipping managers and employees with real-time, systemic data and evidence-based tools to help them become more resilient and adaptable.

Proactive burnout prevention

Our dashboards help both team leaders and employees to identify burnout symptoms early on and take action. We boost employee performance by encouraging self-assessments on a daily basis.

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Why Leanmote

Empower your people with timely coaching and support

Run regular check-ins to ensure your team is highly engaged and productive.

Build a coaching culture

Leverage coaching tools grounded in scientific research to empower your team.

Develop self-leadership

Empower your teams to embrace wellbeing and self-care.

Keep everyone on the same page

Teams that work together, stay together. Leanmote’s data dashboards and heatmaps help record and compare constructive feedback to keep your team aligned at all times.

Make your workflow agile

Our plug-ins collect data, accelerate feedback loops, and ensure your teams are focused on activities that truly move the needle but also learning and adapting on the go.

Get the ‘whole picture’ in a few seconds

Access comprehensive, systemic, aggregated and confidential data to make informed, data driven decisions. Identify and address challenges and opportunities in the workplace constructively, providing people with objective measures of their well-being and performance at individual, team, or organization-wide levels.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our technology enables self-leadership in employees and empowers managers to coach their teams effectively through the use of evidence-based tools.

Systemic and non-disruptive data collection, we go beyond surveys.

Unique integration between science and technology, following a human-centered design to drive behavioral change.

Smart consolidation and presentation of the information to support decision-making processes at all levels, integrating wellbeing and performance data from multiple sources and points in time.

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