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Maximize efficiency. Gain real-time people insights, create action plans, and easily enhance your productivity.

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All your people data in one place

Gain visibility about your engineering teams! With real-time data and actionable insights at your fingertips, you can elevate employee productivity, foster seamless collaboration, and drive sustainable growth.

Take a closer look at Leanmote

Take a closer look at Leanmote

People Data: Collecting information

We pick up information passively and actively through the apps you already use: Github, GitLab, Bitbucket and more. We are outcome based: the more you connect, the better the data will be.

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Get all the answers without the questions

Take a quick glance at your dashboard to know how your team is working. Gain visibility regarding tasks, workflows, connectivity, performance, projects, wellbeing and more. Improve operations and performance with this information!

Build sustainable growth

Receive customized action plans

Enable leaders to elevate their teams with our action plans. Detect patterns and high-performing teams to replicate their formation and good practices.

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We can help you tick the box on United Nations’ Goal 3

We can help you tick the box on United Nations’ Goal 3

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