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When you grow your people, you grow your business

How Leanmote works

Performance & Wellbeing

We support employees to help them reach the ‘zone of optimal performance’

Positive employee experience

Equipping leaders and employees with well-being data and making performance sustainable over time

Better understanding

No matter where your people work from, your company will become everyone’s favourite place to stay

Leanmote connects
with the apps you
use every day

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How we add value to companies

Creating Value

Employees will have a companion to support their well-being wherever they are working from

Empowering people

Find help on how to better manage stress levels by empowering employees with their data. Keep your data private where you want it

Sustainable performance

Detecting the gaps and providing guidance to maintain a sustainable level of performance over time

Coaching culture

Helping managers and leaders build empathy and emotional intelligence skills

Keep everyone on the same page

Understanding how people feel and what they need to work better

Get the ‘whole picture’

Access comprehensive, systemic and aggregated data to make informed decisions

For fast pace & forward thinking companies

> Transforming companies into high performing cultures where people want to work for years.

> Surveys are from last century, it’s time to adapt to the new world where your competition is global and your people are your best competitive advantage.

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We can help you tick the box on United Nations’ Goal 3

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Good Health and Wellbeing

Don't just take our word for it

Empowering us to have deeper conversations

Leanmote is a great tool that helps us to promote our staff’s well-being by understanding their daily moods, stress levels, and most importantly the causes of specific behaviors. This empowers us to have deep conversations with our team and have much more personalized 1-1 sessions.

Egle Gudiskyte
Head of SEO at Jaywing

I started to be aware of my performance & well-being

By using Leanmote, I started to be aware of my performance & well-being. Making that connection made me feel more emotional intelligent, understanding why specific events during the day caused me stress, and triggered this muscle of self-awareness, not only for me but for my team.

I highly recommend to try it out, having visibility is crucial to improving our teams effectiveness at work.

Florencia Bonansea
Senior Software Engineer at Atlassian

It changed our organization for the better

Organizations are usually slow to adopt process or technology changes. Leanmote it’s remarkable easy to use, the platform is very intuitive and it’s connected with the productivity tools we use every day.

Thomas Kulenkampff
Investment Analyst - Corso Investments