Taking your leadership to the next level with real-time information about your engineering teams

How is your team doing? Don’t ask, just have a quick check on the Leanmote dashboard.


As a leader, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the pulse of the team and business. At the platform, you’ll have the insights you need to drive positive change and enhance the performance.

Analyze insights to see how people work together, create the high-performing teams you need to deliver better. Empower yourself with the tools to make informed decisions, no technical expertise required!

Saving time

1. Within the team

Stay ahead with real-time dashboards. Spot trends, adapt to changes, and keep your projects on track.

Understanding how your team is spending their time can help you make better use of it by allocating more time to high-priority tasks, and less time to low-priority activities.

With accurate information, you can organize your time to meet deadlines and long-term goals, while taking care of your team’s wellbeing- and yours too!

2. When reporting to leaders

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually putting together updates for leadership. With Leanmote, you can effortlessly keep your leaders informed and up-to-date. No hassle, just seamless updates!
Just see your dashboard and show what’s going on.

Increasing performance.

• Lead your team to the best performing status by analyzing accurate information. Taking informed, intelligent decisions it’s crucial to thrive at managing teams.

Take straightforward steps to this kind of transition:

• D Team: under-invested in both skills and technology and tends to deliver reporting and some basic analytics.

• C Team: over-skilled and over-invested in technology, which is then under-utilized and delivers limited value.

• B Team: occasional flashes of brilliance – but not robust enough to be sustainable or to create lasting value.

• A Team: consistently delivers valuable insights that are productized and scaled.