Leanmote’s data ethics & privacy: how we protect you

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Giving the power of their own data to every user 

Working with data about people

Data ethics is necessary and should be in everyone’s mind when managing private information.

Numbers, rates, colors, and charts are shown on a dashboard and someone can easily forget that it’s insight about people.  That’s not our case.

Beyond the legal obligation, there is an ethical principle to protect access to personally identifiable information (PII).

At Leanmote we collect information to get to know people, understand them, and contribute to their wellbeing. Our objective is to provide the solution to companies to build better working environments in a world with growing complexities. 

How we collect and interpret information

We want to get to know people, without bothering them. That’s not an easy task when they are working, focused on what they have to do, maybe meeting deadlines, and dealing with pressures. 

Leanmote offers an indirect way to collect data in addition to survey insight by connecting with productivity apps- like Slack, Jira, Google Meets, Teams and more- that the company already uses.

Understanding the general data lifecycle:

Image rights: A Beginner’s Guide to Data & Analytics, Harvard EBook.

 “A data project’s steps are often described as a cycle because the lessons learned and insights gleaned from one project typically inform the next. In this way, the final step of the process feeds back into the first, enabling you to start again with new goals and learnings”, A Beginner’s Guide to Data & Analytics, Harvard EBook.

Also, the value of the data improves when you connect as many apps as you can because we cross all the information. This enables Leanmote to offer a closer look to reality.

3 levels of showing data

Leanmote gives the power of managing data to every person that uses the platform.

User/Employee: sees its own data and chooses what’s shown to others.

Imagine that you are with the computer, at working hours and you receive an email from HR with a climate survey. You have to stop what you are doing, fill the form and send it. What happens with that information? Who sees it? Where does it go? 

With Leanmote, you can see this information. We enlighten people with their own data first, at real-time. When you accept to complete a survey or answer a question, you can instantly check it on the dashboard. In addition, anyone can go to settings and choose what to display for other members of the company. 

I complete a survey or answer a question, and instantly check it on my dashboard. In addition, everyone can go to settings and choose what to display for other members of the company.

Manager/Team Leader: each team decides how to show their information.

The manager sees the team’s information when there are four or more people on their team. Analyzing their team’s data in real-time, gives them the opportunity to unlock customized management and better lead their colleagues. 

C-Level/ People and Culture Leader: sees the protected and aggregated information at every team or department level

They can access all data but they don’t have unlimited power. Everyone has the control of their own data. This level analyzes the information that each team of the company chose to give. 

Our 6 ethical principles

⭐Your data is yours. We don’t share it with anyone else. 

⭐You choose what to share and with whom. 

⭐You connect Leanmote with your working apps.

If we detect that someone is stressed, we send options about what to do with the situation to that person. We don’t send it to the manager so that it can decide over someone’s personal moment. 

As Leanmote is API based, the more you connect your apps with the platform, the better information it will collect. This way, Leanmote can be your frictionless and single source of truth.

This principle is about honesty and consent, making sure that the user understands and accepts what type of data we collect. 

Users know from day one that we are constantly gathering data and we give them the control of it. They can check their data and choose not to share it on the same platform. Also, we are transparent about why Leanmote collects information.

Leanmote ensures a strong security to all your data. We know that we handle important information that requires the highest levels of protection. 

The platform has multiple-factor authentication: password, push notification and Google Authenticator. Also, all data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provides safety and strict privacy. 

Each user can choose what to show and only the company can see it.

If we talk about ethics, we should talk about intentions. Our intentions are good, Leanmote provides companies with their people data to enhance their working experience. We collect only the data that is useful for this purpose.

What do we mean by enhancing the daily working life of people? To give information so organizations can make intelligent decisions towards their employees. For example, with data we can prevent isolation, burnout, discontent, misunderstandings and more.

It’s all about the context! The holistic point of view that we offer is important to interpret data. 

We provide information to analyze the state of human interaction at work. The variety and amount of information that it’s collected let us give accurate data about all users.

We accept feedback because we want to do better every time. If you detect any mistake, please contact us to point it out.

Terms based on these principles

Before you start using the platform, you can see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We have based our terms with these ethics criteria. Check it out!