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Teams & Managers Free

For a single team that’s just starting with Leanmote

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Comes with

  • “Basic” plan
  • Mood assessments
  • Anonymous feedback & outcome oriented conversations
  • 1-on-1s for performance and growth
  • Individual & team resilience development
  • Quick, automated fortnightly surveys
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Pro Engagement & Wellbeing

Systemic engagement and advanced data collection

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Comes with

  • “Organisational” plan
  • Everything from the Premium plan
  • Dedicated onboarding and coaching for change adoption
  • Improve Leanmote experience with integrations (Slack, MS Teams, Jira & Trello)
  • Company-wide reporting and real time analytics
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Detailed pricing plans

Increase wellbeing & performance across teams FreePremiumPRO
Automated Pulse Surveys
120 alternating questions verified by a PhD in Org Psychology & Welbeing
Anonymous Feedback
Guidance for answering feedback
Manager-Employee conversation platform
Basic Survey Reports
Slack, Teams, Jira, email, SMS, HRIS, SSO & api integrations
Promoting Gratitude
Mood assessments
Employee Recognition
Run simultaneous Custom Polls
Gamification and marketplace (Vouchers)
Rate your work and workload tracker
Reflection form
Predictive and Systemic Reporting/AnalyticsFreePremiumPRO
Detailed Survey Question Report
Unlimited Survey Report History
Unlimited Feedback & Conversation History
Segment scores & feedback by team, department, project & demographics
Compare scores between teams, departments, projects & demographics
Proactive burnout detection
Export Survey Reports
Unlimited eNPS History
Multiple teams analytics
Multiple admin levels
Mobile App
Have better 1-on-1s (performance)FreePremiumPRO
Quick prep & automated scheduling
1-on-1 agendas shared by managers & team members
Discussion points added by managers & team members
Action Items for easy follow-up
Centralised 1-on-1 notes for quick review
Suggested 1-on-1 questions to ask
Pre-made 1-on-1 agenda templates
Support team member growth (development)FreePremiumPRO
Individual Team Member Development Plans
Team Goals
Integration with Learning Centre
Coaching and Change AdoptionFreePremiumPRO
Premium onboarding & customer support
Individualised coaching for change

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