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Performance reviews are not a headache anymore!

With an individual's data sheet in place, the performance review process becomes simplified, ensuring objectivity by basing assessments solely on metrics rather than subjective opinions. This feature, part of our performance journey initiative, enhances transparency and accuracy in evaluations.


Discover who is better for each task

Use real metrics to analyze resource allocation management. With this valuable insight, you can make precise allocations to enhance productivity. Check if you're on track with goals and keep how you measure work the same for smoother operation.

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Flexible packages across our portfolio of data-driven solutions

Growing businesses need flexibility. We’d like to offer you a plan that suits you best!


1. Cancel Anytime

Try Leanmote with no locked-in contract. Feel free!

2. Privacy is taking seriously

We design Leanmote to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. We provide the highest levels of privacy and security. Keep sensitive information safe, while making it easy to access for those who need it..

3. Evidence-based model

Leveraging decades of research, we know what we are doing.

4. Own your data

Portability and Unique Access Key. You can unplug Leanmote from your previous company and plug it in to your new one to have all your data and compare: which working experience was more fulfilling?.

5. Integrations with productivity tools

Work seamlessly by connecting the apps you use and love. You have the power! You choose the integrations but remember that the more you integrate, the better data you get

6. Maximize Decision-Making

We organize your company's insights so you can make better decisions and get the most out of them. Break down silos and remember: data alone won't drive change, it's how you use it.

Frequently asked questions

Leanmote is designed for engineering teams seeking long-term productivity improvements. We believe in starting with the needs of the teams themselves to ensure buy-in and trust in the data for further insights.

While metrics are valuable, Leanmote goes beyond just displaying data by helping teams create actionable working agreements to drive continuous improvement. Our insights are calculated from “hard” and “soft” sources – Like Github and Slack – and each metric has a counter-metric, offering a complementary perspective to genuinely grasp the full picture.

Leanmote is different because you can see the truth about you, your team and company in real-time.

Yes, Leanmote is designed to adapt to your team’s specific processes, whether you use Jira, GitHub, Calendars or have custom routines. We support a variety of team structures and hierarchies and are open to learning and adapting to meet your needs.

Leanmote uncovers hidden blockers and unplanned work, delivering accurate insights to accelerate deliveries, analyze team dynamics, and optimize time management. By integrating metrics from project activities and individual contributions, including Slack and workloads, Leanmote offers comprehensive analytics, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Leanmote makes analyzing data easier by providing accurate information in easy-to-understand charts. Our team is dedicated to assigning contributions accurately and dealing with unusual data, which helps your engineering team work more smoothly and focus on what matters (your business).

Not at all. Leanmote’s setup takes less than 15 minutes per user, and we provide materials and support to facilitate onboarding for your team. We leverage existing access controls and integrations with GitHub and Slack to streamline the process.

Leanmote integrates seamlessly with GitHub, Slack, Google Calendar and more to minimize context switching and reduce noise. Developers can primarily interact with Leanmote through Slack, with occasional visits to the UI for deeper insights.

Leanmote empowers you with control over your data and provides transparent insights based on well-researched metrics. We prioritize clarity and accuracy, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements in your engineering processes.

We can help you tick the box on United Nations’ Goal 3

We can help you tick the box on United Nations’ Goal 3