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Leanmote’s data ethics & privacy: how we protect you

Giving the power of their own data to every user  Working with data about people Data ethics is necessary and should be in everyone’s mind when managing private information. Numbers, rates, colors, and charts are shown on a dashboard and someone can easily forget that it’s insight about people.  That’s… Read more >

Measuring Stress, Managing Burnout

What is “stress”? Stress is best understood as the psychological state triggered when we experience events, situations, or demands that are personally important, but where outcomes are uncertain. They tend to co-occur with a range of other states including emotions (e.g., anxiety, fear, anger, or frustration) and thoughts (e.g., worry… Read more >

Measuring Experiences of Work

What is a “good” job? Work plays a huge role in our lives. Yes, it provides us with money, but work should also meet other needs! A good job provides a sense of purpose, of being useful, of helping to achieve something worthwhile. Good jobs challenge us so that we… Read more >

How to give constructive 360 feedback

Feedback can be a powerful tool to drive engagement and performance in the workplace. It gives employees a sense of engagement in their job, it helps clarify objectives and expectations, and it also helps Managers be better, more empathic leaders. However, it can also be very easy for feedback to… Read more >

Everything you need to know about how mood improves performance and wellbeing.

Learn about the circumplex model that we apply at Leanmote and why we use it. Why does mood matter? Moods are a “conscious state of mind or predominant emotion”. While emotions may last as little as a few seconds, moods represent the form of emotional experience that can last for… Read more >