Resource & Team Allocation

Get resources in sync with project timelines

How we help to identify this?

With Leanmote's metrics revealing your team's and individuals' performance, you can analyze who is best suited for each project.

Measure Strategic Alignment:

Evaluate alignment with strategic goals by analyzing how development efforts are distributed across different work categories, product lines, initiatives, and deliverables.

Simplify Work Measurement:

Create a consistent way to measure work effort across teams, regions, and business units. Avoid using inconsistent measures like counting issues or story points.

Effortlessly Determine Allocations:

Automate your allocations effortlessly with Leanmote's insights. By harnessing data from various sources including productivity tools and workplace apps like Slack and the Calendar, we analyze and consolidate this information into clear and easy-to-understand charts. This enables you to make informed decisions with ease. Our seamless process eliminates the necessity for manual inputs, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for engineers.

Establish Mechanisms for Ensuring Correctness and Uniformity:

At our dashboards you’ll see engineers' tasks to provide a comprehensive overview of engineering efforts, spanning from individual contributions to the entire organisational scope.

Go from just guiding your team to thriving alongside them.