Welcome to Leanmote’s Discord integration – a game-changer for evaluating team connectivity. Gain valuable insights into message volumes, group interactions, message timing, and chat statuses, all designed to enhance your team’s communication dynamics. Elevate collaboration with Leanmote’s streamlined approach to team analysis.

What does our Discord integration do?

Leanmote will collect passive data on team interactions, aiding in the evaluation of your team’s connectivity and communication. We collect:

  • Number of messages between peers
  • Number of messages between peers in a group
  • Time/hour of the messages
  • Chat status

How to start collecting data from your Discord server:

  1. Install our Discord bot on your server by clicking the Discord bot card on Settings – Company’s integrations.
  2. Each user on your team should save their Discord username on Settings – Integrations inside the Discord bot card.

Important: The Discord username is not the same as the display name. You can find your username inside your Discord settings. In this example, the username is “this.is.a.username.2024,” which is the one the user should save on their Integrations tab.