Getting started - I’m a user.

Leanmote is designed to measure your wellbeing. We collect information from every employee to manage stress levels and pave the way for a positive working environment.

Check this guide to use this platform and build a better workplace together.

My Dashboard

This is the home page where you can get a general view of your work regarding connectivity, wellbeing, your calendar, gratitude, and quokka points


Picking up information

On top of your dashboard, you’ll find a series of short surveys to measure and track user’s wellbeing and sense of connectedness towards the company.

Here, you can:

  • Take fortnightly quizzes and daily mood assessments.
  • Complete interactive wellbeing at work and stress cards, to help you get a sense of your feelings after finishing a task or at the end of the week.


General information

With the information you provide, we take your wellbeing and connectivity trends, and we measure your gratitude evolution.


Quick access

You can find a quick form to send gratitude messages to other employees and to organize your calendar.

My Analytics

Access to more detailed and thorough assessment of your overall wellbeing trends at “My Analytics” tab!

Here, you can analyze statistics about several data points, like Performance Zones, Wellness Evolution, Mood Progress, Pressures and Boosts. 

How we do it

We focus on employees’ wellbeing through a triad of interrelated measures:

  1. Energy—employees are the ones who make things happen at organizations, but they cannot be productive and content if they feel worn out.
  2. Focus—focus and concentration make for more efficient work management, both in terms of time and quality.
  3. Stress—stress is a psychological state triggered when we experience events or situations that are important to us, but where outcomes are uncertain. 

Stress can be categorized in positive stress which can lead to feelings of motivation, and negative stress which triggers anxiety, fear, or worry. It’s one of the major metrics for wellbeing because prolonged periods of negative stress can lead to burnout. Detecting trends that alert us about it, help us prevent it.

Learn more about measuring experiences of work.


Mood progress and suggestions

Mood progress statistics are particularly important for improving wellbeing, forecasting situation burnouts, and preventing them. When the platform perceives a high-stress-level, it sends a notice suggesting an appropriate course of action.

Learn more in our article Circumplex Model of Mood.


Set up your working routine, keep your meetings on track and see deadlines at the Calendar tab.

One on One

How are you doing at work? Let’s find out in this section.

Check your performance under the One on One tab. Also, you can:


Feel free to say “Thank you” to your peers! Send gratitude messages and see what other people have complimented you about.

If you like the comments you received, you can share them on LinkedIn 👏🏼


Be closer to your colleagues through the recognition tab!

Here, both employees and employers can share and recognize one another’s contributions and hard work. Also, you can see their birthdays and hiring anniversary to wish them the best.

Quokka Points

We reward your commitments 😁

Add Quokka Points to your digital wallet by:

  • Sharing your gratitude for a colleague’s work.
  • Recognizing someone at the organization.
  • Filling mood assessments and work or stress cards.

These points can be exchanged for gifts and treats in Leanmote’s Marketplace.


Show your appreciation through our “Marketplace” tab 🎁

You’ll find a variety of options in recognition boxes, items, and vouchers, which can be exchanged with the Quokka Points – do you see how everything makes sense?



Choose what your leader can see about you.

You have total control of your data, just check the privacy section on Settings 😉



You can add more security to your account with two factor authentication.

Log in safe by:

  • Signing in with user and password.
  • Receiving a code to your cell phone if you’ve been out of Leanmote for 48 hours.
  • Enabling two factor authentication with Google Authenticator.