Using data to increase employees’ connectivity and enhance performance

Let’s talk about performance. Everyone wants to improve performance, make it more efficient and achieve business goals. But who are the ones that are always monitoring performance? Managers. 

The goal? More productivity. The way? Empower your managers with real-time data to be good leaders and thrive with their teams.

Working better as a connected group

When you create a collaborative working environment, in which teams are encouraged to work together, positive results will appear for sure. This leads to an increase in productivity, with people who are eager to help each other and to do better at their jobs. 

Being connected is a human thing, we are constantly looking for a place of belonging, where we can be ourselves and trust our peers.  A connected group is not only productive but also happy which really increases the possibility to retain talent and have loyalty towards the company. This can be difficult when the workforce is distributed: some work from home, others go to the office, and others adopt a hybrid model. Understanding what’s happening on the other side of the screen and building a connected workforce is today’s challenge.  

How can you boost communications between teams and build a motivating working environment? By adopting intelligent solutions for managers. 

Connector Manager: leading high-performing employees

Not every contact is meaningful. To connect more isn’t just checking on your people every day. You have to know them, understand their feelings and background to develop personalized management.

The Gartner Report The Connector Manager. Performance Advantage claims that there is a type of manager that “instead of trying to provide or facilitate coaching to drive current performance, they focus on supporting the whole person to drive well-being and sustainable performance.” 

These managers are the Connector Managers, the ones who:

  • Builds a good working environment.
  • Measures the amount of feedback they give. They make sure the feedback is meaningful and customized.
  • Prioritize creating strong relationships.
  • Connects its team with others for professional development.

Connector managers also enhance the connections on three levels: manager with employees, communication and care within the team, and commitment towards the company. 

Now we know that real communication is the way to reach the ‘zone of optimal performance’ of employees. The thing is, these managers need more than apps- like Slack, Teams, Jira- to create true interaction. A frictionless source of information can enlighten them to understand their people, know their feelings and take action to get closer to them.

“The decisions being made are shifting away from intuition and becoming far more data-informed, which lets leaders unlock the power of their people.” Dr. Tyrone Smith, Jr., Udemy’s director of people analytics.

This is essential for a better working environment, to understand the talent lifecycle and to retain them. Providing people analytics to your managers helps them become employee engagement experts.

Adopting people analytics to enhance management and retain talent

With the right information, leaders can start their journey to be Connector Managers. Why is it wiser to upgrade the way of getting employees’ feedback? Because surveys are dying. Employees feel uncomfortable and unsure when responding to them because they don’t know if they are truly anonymous. With people analytics, that fear goes away because each person has control over their information.

At Leanmote, employees, managers, and owners have an account to see their own data. Managers have access to their team’s analytics and owners to the whole company’s information. But -and here is the point- everyone can choose what is shown on the platform, you own our data. We care about security and privacy and each one has the power to control it, Leanmote is a first-party data platform.

How can data analytics improve the measurement of employees’ performance? With crossed information is collected passively and actively by the platform. That insight gives accurate information in real-time, and lets managers make data-driven decisions. Also, Leanmote uses a Node Network Model regarding connectivity within the team, which makes life easier for leaders. It takes only a glance to understand the information.  

If leaders really see and understand their team, they can get closer to them and gain flexibility towards their management.  People analytics “enhance employees’ work life, and introduce better workforce processes that ultimately connects people strategy to business strategy.

Giving the right tech tools to leaders for better management helps companies to stop the exit and leverage high-performers, paving the way for business growth.