Why measuring employee impact is key to company success

Using data to understand the effectiveness of your decisions on employee motivation, retention, and productivity.

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are increasingly turning to real-time people analytics to make informed decisions about their most valuable asset – their employees. 

People analytics involves analyzing data on employee motivation, wellbeing and productivity to gain insights into their impact on the organisation’s success. 

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Why measuring employee impact is key to company success? Which are the benefits of doing so? How to use people analytics to measure it? Keep reading to find out

Take control and measure with real-time data

Measuring employee impact is critical to understand how engineering teams contribute to the organization’s success. By doing so, companies can identify high-performing employees and teams to develop retention strategies. 

It also helps in identifying areas where employees need support and training to improve their performance.

Are you investing on changes and measuring the results with surveys? Too late.

Surveys are slow and sent after the changes. Your business can take track of the company’s behaviour in real-time and have data to measure accurately.  

More benefits of measuring the impact with Leanmote:

  • Enhanced human connection and retention: when organizations understand and communicate the impact their employees have on the company’s success, it creates a sense of belonging and purpose, leading to higher retention rates.
  • Improved productivity and efficiency: by identifying high-performing employees and teams, companies can replicate their success.
  • Building a coaching company culture and wellbeing: employees receive constructive feedback and own their data which leads to continuous improvement and understanding of their wellbeing.
  • Investing in what really matters: with accurate knowledge of results businesses can make intelligent decisions, leading to higher returns on investment.

“Knowing your people analytics is the first step. Then, data should be analyzed and used to make informed decisions on employee performance and development”

Leanmote walks you through using our platform and identifying important insights on the onboarding and also after that!

What about security and privacy?

Implementing people analytics can be challenging due to data privacy and security concerns, resistance to change, and a lack of skilled resources. 

However, Leanmote overcomes these challenges by providing a secure and easy-to-use platform that ensures data privacy and security. 

It also offers a fair exchange of value, benefitting both employees and the organization, and provides easy access to data, eliminating the need for specialized skills.

Measuring employee impact is crucial for the success of any organization. By using People Analytics to measure employee impact, companies can identify high-performing employees and teams, develop strategies to retain and engage them, and invest their resources in areas that matter the most. With Leanmote, implementing People Analytics is easier than ever before, ensuring companies can make data-driven decisions that lead to success.

Ready to reveal the truth within your engineering teams? 

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