Getting Started With Leanmote


  • Navigating Leanmote as a User.
    • Dashboard
    • My Wellbeing
    • Gratitude
    • Quokka Points
    • Recognition
    • Marketplace
    • One on One
  • Navigating Leanmote as a Manager.
    • Dashboard
    • Team Wellbeing
    • Team Overview
    • One on One
    • Approving Gifts in Marketplace
  • Navigating Leanmote as an Admin.
    • Dashboard
    • Company Wellbeing
    • Gift Approval and Budgeting
    • Subscription and Billing
    • Managing Integrations
    • Managing User Profiles

Navigating Leanmote as a User.


At the top of My Dashboard, users will find a series of short surveys, intended to measure and track their wellbeing and sense of connectedness towards the company and their position within it. From My Dashboard, employees can:

  • Take fortnightly quizzes and daily mood assessments
  • Complete interactive well-being at work and stress cards, to help them get a sense of how they felt after finishing a task or at the end of the week

At the same time, Leanmote´s home page provides each employee with a quick overview of their wellbeing trends and evolution over specified periods of time, and a quick form to send gratitude messages to other employees.

Why do we collect these metrics?

On Leanmote, we focus on employees’ wellbeing through a triad of interrelated measures:

Energy—employees are the ones who make things happen at organizations, but they cannot be productive and content if they feel worn out.

Focus—focus and concentration make for more efficient work management, both in terms of time and quality.

Stress—stress is a psychological state triggered when we experience events or situations that are important to us, but where outcomes are uncertain.

Now, not all stress is bad. And in this sense, it can be categorized in: negative stress (which triggers unhealthy emotions and responses —such as anxiety, fear, or worry), and positive stress, or eustress, which is basically a positive cognitive response to the same stressors, and which can lead to feelings of motivation or other good responses.

Stress is one of the major metrics for wellbeing —given that prolonged periods of negative stress can lead to burnout— and, by measuring it, we can detect trends that alert us about any actions that would be necessary to prevent one of these situations in employees.

If you want to know more about how we measure employee experiences at work, you can read our article about Measuring Experiences of Work.

My Wellbeing

Right below the “Dashboard” tab, you will find the “My Wellbeing” tab, under which users can access a more detailed and thorough assessment of their overall wellbeing trends.

Here, you can analyse statistics about several data points, like Performance Zones, Wellness Evolution, Mood Progress, Pressures and Boosts. 

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Mood progress statistics are particularly important for improving employee wellbeing, forecasting situation burnouts and preventing them by suggesting an appropriate course of action (such as giving the employee a day off), as you can see in our article about our Circumplex Model of Mood.

Here’s what a high-stress-level notice looks like on Leanmote:


Send messages to coworkers whenever you feel grateful about something, and see what other people have complimented you about (you can even share those comments on LinkedIn, if you feel like it!).


Here, both employees and employers can share and recognize one another’s contributions and hard work.

Quokka Points

Each time an employee shares their gratitude for a colleague’s work, recognizes someone at the organization, or fills mood assessments and work/stress cards, they add Quokka Points to their digital wallet, which can then be exchanged for gifts and treats in Leanmote’s Marketplace.


Under Leanmote’s “Marketplace” tab, you will find a variety of options in recognition boxes, items and vouchers, through which employers and employees can show their appreciation.

One on One

Under the “One on One” tab, you can check the “My Performance” section and do the following:

Navigating Leanmote as a manager.


Managers can also use their homepages to take fortnightly quizzes and daily mood assessments, and complete interactive wellbeing at work and stress cards.

However, they will also have access to charts and statistics of the overall wellbeing of their entire Team.

Team Wellbeing

Likewise, aside from the “My Wellbeing” tab, they will find a “Team Wellbeing” tab for a more detailed and thorough assessment of their Team’s overall wellbeing trends, as well as charts of each of the employees they are in charge of.

Team Overview

A clear organizational chart is also provided under “Team Overview.”

One on One

Under the “One on One” tab, Managers can:

Approving Gifts in Marketplace

Like every other user, Managers can recognize colleagues and employees for their hard work and dedication through gifts that they can find under the “Marketplace” tab. But, additionally, they also have the option to approve gifts that employees in their Team send to one another.

Navigating Leanmote as an administrator.


Like other users, employees and employers with an Admin account can use their homepages to take fortnightly quizzes and daily mood assessments, and complete interactive wellbeing at work and stress cards.

But, at the same time, they will also have access to charts and statistics of the overall wellbeing of the entire Company.

Company Wellbeing

Admins can also find a “Company Wellbeing” tab for a more detailed and thorough assessment of the Company’s overall wellbeing trends, as well as charts with evidence-based statistics of each of the Company’s Teams.

Gift Approval and Budgeting

Like Managers, Admins can also approve employee gifts through Leanmote’s Marketplace.

Admins can also set up a monthly gift budget, to ensure the Company’s finances are well-organized and taken care of.

Subscription and Billing

In their profile’s Settings, Admins can also manage their Company’s Leanmote subscription, invoicing, and payment methods.

For more details about Leanmote’s Pricing plans, and their specific features, check out the Pricing section at our website.

Managing Integrations

Leanmote’s platform offers integration with a number of project management and communication platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira, with an expansion into Trello well under way.

Through their account, Admins can manage these integrations, so that employees can enjoy all the benefits of the platform, without the hassle.

Managing User Profiles

Finally, under the Employees tab, Admins can manage employees’ profiles and invite new users to join the rest of the Company on Leanmote.